Top Passwords You Should Never Use

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It is very important to keep your information safe because almost every year millions of people online complain about stolen data and security breaches. You may want to seriously think about changing your passwords if it bears only your names and numbers like your birthday or social security numbers. If your password is easy to guess type that compromises your information especially if hackers get to crack or figure out what your password is.

To safeguard your information, it is important to create a strong password that is hard to guess but easy to remember. Avoid using the same passwords across your online accounts because if someone got hold of your password, it can be used in accessing all your other accounts. A study recently revealed that many people do not take the issue of creating strong passwords seriously and that is why hackers find it easy stealing information from different accounts online. Once hackers get to know the most commonly used passwords, they will try to use this to try to access a number of accounts and then end up stealing information from all the accounts they manage to access. If you are one of the people with dangerously weak passwords then we’d like to confidently tell you that your account is at a risk of a security breach from hackers.

Find below some of the worst and weakest passwords you should never use anywhere in your accounts.

  1. 12345. This password has been used for many years. Before the internet, this password combination was widely used especially as a locker number, a passcode for the briefcase and in several other items. Surprisingly, some people still use 12345 as a password these days for their bank accounts, email and online accounts. This is one of the many passwords you should avoid at all cost as it is very weak and anyone can guess and access your account.
  1. Passwords Without a symbol, number, and Letters. Passwords should be created in such a way that it has letters, numbers, and symbols. The stronger your password is the more secure it will be. If your password combination comprises numbers, letters, and symbols, hackers will find it hard unlocking it to access your information. Come up with phrases and letters you can easily remember and combine that with some symbols to create a strong password.
  1. StrongPassword. Surprisingly some people still use ‘StrongPassword’ as their password in 2017. This password is as weak as 12345 and anyone out there can guess it easily and access your account. Most sites will reject weak passwords and request you to use a strong password but that should not mean using ‘StrongPassword’. It’s better to take your time to create a password that is easy to remember but hard to guess instead of creating a password anyone can figure out what it is. If coming up with a strong password is challenging, try using a password generator. There are many password generators you could use to ensure the safety of your accounts.
  1. Your Name. This is listed by my internet security companies as one of the worst passwords ever. Anyone serious about accessing your information can easily find out what your names are and use that to access your account. This type of password falls in the same class with 12345, password, StrongPassword and much more. Let’s say for instance your kid or someone else wants to access your account and uses your name as a password. You definitely know what that means. You should also avoid using street names, your birthday, kid’s names and your pets’ names as your passwords.
  1. Website Name. Avoid creating a weak password with the name of the website and combining it with some numbers thinking that it is strong enough to prevent people accessing your information. A password with a website name is as easy to guess as 12345.

To ensure the safety of our accounts and information, it is important to create strong passwords that cannot be figured out easily by people who would want access our information from different accounts including our email addresses. Internet security begins with you as an individual. It depends on the steps you take to ensure that people cannot access your information without your permission. The first thing to do to ensure that you are the only one accessing your account is to create a strong password.