Can Government Protect Your Internet Privacy?

Can Government Protect Your Internet Privacy
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You are not the only one worried and concerned about your internet privacy. Many people are concerned about whether the government is doing enough to protect their internet privacy. A number of security breaches witnessed in government wings and several other corporations for the past one year is enough to scare individuals and question whether governments are doing enough to guarantee internet privacy.

Last month, there was a publication of a cache of confidential documents from the CIA and Wikileaks published them specifically to reveal CIA’s role in surveillance of people’s information online. According to Wikileaks, CIA has ways and methods it uses in finding its way and hacking devices which are connected. Wikileaks also revealed that CIA has a way in which they compromise operating systems of devices including those of smartphones without informing the manufacturers about the loopholes. This made some individuals and organization ask for a response from the US governments. A director at Web Foundation (WF) went ahead to question whether the US government is doing enough to safeguard the digital security and privacy of its citizens. According to Craig Fagan, a director at Web Foundation, the government puts users of the smartphones and devices at a risk of attacks from hackers by failing to inform the manufacturers of such devices about vulnerabilities and flaws in their devices.

A recent study found out that 60% of the people who were interviewed in the study have had their concern about internet privacy increase for the last one year. More and more people are now worried and concerned about their privacy on the internet including their financial information. The study revealed that a number of governments are not doing enough to ensure internet privacy of both their data and information of their citizens. This is what worries their citizens. The fact that governments cannot protect themselves against hackers and leaking of sensitive information is enough to worry people about their personal information. If the government itself is not capable of safeguarding its own information what do you think can happen to vulnerable citizens who rely on the government and companies to keep their information safe and private?

It is not the first time studies revealed how people are complaining about current data privacy laws in a number of governments. According to many people measure taken by governments are not strong enough to protect internet users. Many of those who were interviewed by one of the most famous data security company around the world revealed that the highest percentage of those interviewed are worried about their internet privacy and that their governments are not doing enough to ensure their protection. About 20% of those who were interviewed by the security company have encountered their social media or email account hacked. Close to 20% of the interviewees also responded by saying that they may have encountered stolen information from credit cards by hackers.

So what is the role of the government in protecting people’s internet privacy?

Governments have a role to play when it comes to protecting its citizens’ internet privacy. For instance, governments should come up with strategies to on how the public should be educated on how to protect themselves against attacks online. The other thing governments should do is to protect its infrastructure by coming up with laws that would require companies to disclose any potential security threats that it faces or its employees face. The same governments should also be a good example by coming up with good security practices and clear process required to access personal information of their citizens.

The government should come up with regulations on how to protect people online but this should be done moderately in order to avoid serious consequences. Governments should avoid ignoring strategies they ought to come up with to protect people’s internet privacy. The fact here remains that governments actually have a role to play in protecting people against internet security breaches but individuals also have to the role to play too. For instance, see below how an individual can avoid internet security breach.

  • Creating strong password that is hard to guess but easy to remember
  • Avoid clicking on links that are sent by people you do not know especially on email
  • Avoid publicizing your donations to political outfits
  • Don’t fail to shred paper documents that have important information
  • Avoid being spotted in situations that are compromising
  • Failing to password protect your computers and other devices

As far as people continuously blame governments for failing to protect their internet privacy, individuals should comprehend that they also have a role to play to ensure that their online information remains safe.

In order to win back the trust of many online users, governments need to increase their internet mass surveillance investment. Technology moves very fast and that is the reason why governments need to come up with new strategies that are capable of curbing internet security breaches. A number of business and individuals have started questioning the capability of their governments in protecting their internet privacy because it happens governments cannot protect themselves from online security breaches.

Global development largely relies on online economy. When people and businesses across the world start losing confidence and trust in the internet, the global economy is likely to suffer. Instead of governments rushing to pass bills into laws expecting to curb online security breaches, they should first comprehend the fact that technology is advancing so fast and should instead come up with technically strong strategies that will outpace the rate at which technology is advancing.

According to Web Foundation, the government should be able to come up with steps that will protect citizens online and also against overreach by security agencies. Apart from this, Web Foundation also urges companies to take actions and pressure governments to ensure that the necessary reforms are made. The companies should as well invest in safeguarding user’s information and coming up with a strategy on how to encrypt shared date from one device to the other automatically.